Isn’t the Bible enough?

Move with the times,

That was then,

Not now,

Life is different now,

Buddy, get your head out of the past.

. . . . . . . 

And the list goes on, and on. We have to move with the times right, yeah, I understand that perfectly. But what I am pointing this towards is good old Christianity. We all know that “Religion” don’t we? Also talking to you Atheists.

You know, I have finally come to realize why Atheists don’t want to be Christians, and I have to agree. We Christians don’t look that different to them(Including myself too), we for some reason want to compromise the Bible, because we all know that was then and this is now.

But do you know what really gets me, do you want to know? WE all Compromise. It’s like a stairwell that never ends, you know it either ends to Hell or the world(no real difference anyway, but you know), and you think just to get what you want, you might take one step this time, just this once, then you might come back and think well it’s only one more time, it won’t hurt that much will it?

And after a few years gone by, you take a look over your shoulder and see how far you have actually stepped, and you realize you can’t even see where you started.

 Atheists will be just the same way, they will become Christians, and follow the Compromising path, and when they realize how far they have come, they are exactly back where they started, a person of the world…. An atheist.

. . . . . . .

What is this world coming to huh? It also gets me thinking that the Bible just isn’t enough anymore. We(Christian’s) all compromise the Bible so people of the world will come to Jesus. For example, we could tell someone that it’s okay to defend yourself, because as we all know, what Jesus said about turning the other cheek, that was then. Move with the times.

It just makes me feel sick and laugh at the same time, we just can’t follow the Bible anymore. It’s an instruction manual that we all had torn up and made our own, and I now know why…. We want to control our own lives, by every little bit, Jesus becomes less and less important to us.

 . . . . . . .

It’s time to wake up, we are all starting to be the wolves in the sheep’s clothing to the Atheists, so they do what we want, not what God wants.

Take off the clothing, Wolves(Christian’s) and run back to your Shepherd.  Run back to the Bible, where the answers are the right ones, and the stairs to heaven are going to be the ones you want to get lost in, God’s Love.


The Perfect Christian?

Yes, I am Christian.

No, I am not perfect.

Are you Perfect?


Oh well, let me introduce you to a friend of mine.


Now, the answer to this statement, would probably be, but that was Jesus.

Hmm, true. Very true.

And we are born sinners, true again, you’re good at this.

And we will always be sinners for we come from the line of Adam and Eve, and now the rest of humanity are sinners. Are you a professor or something?

Now we could go on with this all day if we wanted, but then we wouldn’t be getting to the point then would we?

. . . . . . .

Jesus… was Perfect. He died for the sinners. He was forsaken by God, for the sin of the world corroded him. We are the dirt of the ground that Jesus could kick with His foot if He really wanted. But He didn’t, and now we are saved by grace, something that only Jesus could give, no Christian would ever do what Jesus did, without Jesus inside their hearts. So now you’re probably wondering what this was got to do with a Christian being perfect huh?

We are saved by grace, so now Jesus has officially given us mercy so that we can live with a second chance to do better, with Jesus directing our path, and shining a light that is… Perfect. We must strife to be like Jesus, now I’m not saying to go out and tell everyone about Jesus with a force, let Jesus bring them to you. Now when we strife to be like Jesus, Jesus will help us get better, and in the end with Jesus in full control of our lives and Hearts. We are perfect, we shine a light of perfection, a light of Jesus.

1 John 2:5-6: but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him: the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.

Grace and Mercy, they are the two things that made Jesus perfect(well, and also being the Son of God, that might be a little advantage huh?). He loved the unlovable, He cared for the people who were never cared for, He showed love to the people when no other people did, He made people break down into tears, He showed the people of the world…………. Perfection. And you know what, I think with Jesus inside our hearts, we can be too.