Walking The Line/Fearing God

Walking the Line.

There are different sorts of lines in life. We Christians have the narrow road, or way. But I’m going to go with Line on this post.

I haven’t posted in ages, and on my last few posts, I talked about how we can be perfect. And how the Bible is our rule-book.

Now let me get to a level with everyone here(You have no idea how many people I have convicted with the perfection post, Crazy), we can be perfect 1000%, but remember only with Christ in control can we do that, so many people think we can do it on our own……No.

And also remember that when you become perfect through Christ, that you can’t go around pointing your finger at people and holding your head high just because you now know that you’re perfect. Because that would be the reason no one wants to be a Christian hey?

And then I guess that’s where my second post comes in which is about where people don’t think the Bible is a essential to life as a Christian anymore. That’s when the other person thinks there is no reason to become a Christian because its not really any different.

And that’s where this post comes in. You might have perfected those two section of the puzzle, but what the third one, where you have to endure with Christ into finishing the race.

Everyone stuffs up every now and again, which is fine. But it’s the desire that trips you along the line, which in the end fails the test.

Can you pass the test with flying colors?

But do you know what the problem with Christians is?(that’s right, I’m also including myself) We just don’t care anymore!

We have officially become halfhearted towards the World, we stay in our houses, just hoping that the end will come closer to you. Is that what we really want?

I have plenty of people who tell me I’m wrong or that I don’t know what I’m talking about, which never bothered me, they were of the world. And they weren’t going to stop me from telling the world about God. But what does bother me is the fact that Christians tell me to stay quiet about everything. People of the world don’t understand our love of telling people about Christ, but actually Christians.

Why is that I find that Christians get more offended by what other Christians say than people who are most likely to blame Christ for their problems?

Now I don’t want to be too judgmental even though it is Christians I should be judging. But it seems everyone just wants to make sure their world is fine, that they are Walking Their Line. And the thing I notice is that the more we get comfortable with our own lines, we forget about God’s line and stop Fearing God.

Let me explain something, Jesus came as the Love for the World, God is the God that expressed his hate for the World. There is a balance. When we tell someone about Jesus, we make sure that we express his Love through us, but we don’t want to water down Christ into thinking He is just a shoulder to cry on, He is also a cane that punishes those who do wrong, there’s a balance.

And Christians have forgotten that, they have forgotten to fear God, and when we forget God’s wrath and the fear and respect we give him(for if we fear God, we are giving respect), We are no longer respectful.

You know what, let’s tone this down a little bit.

This World we live in, it’s going to end soon, there is no surprise there. And the thing is, we want to be sure that without a doubt that when we go into the presence of God’s judgment for us. That we can be at peace knowing that even though the things we have done wrong, Jesus shines His love through us and God sees that. God sees His Son.

But the only way that can happen is that we Walk The Line, Jesus must see our hearts and see himself, he must see that you want to know him.

At that point, God would know that we feared Him and Loved Him with everything we are. He has seen that we have been….. Walking The Line.

Stop Walking Your Own Lines, let’s get off our high horses and start Walking the right Line.