Are Christians Intolerant, or just 100% Sure?

The world has got to the point of in my case ridiculousness. Theism, Pantheism, and Atheism. These are the three main sides of religion.

Theism: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A Theist is someone that has a personal God, and believes it has created the universe but isn’t part of the universe.

Pantheism: Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, and New Age. A Pantheist is someone who believes God is impersonal and literally the universe, God is in everything, around everything and literally everything.

Atheism: Religious, Humanism. And a Atheist, is obviously someone who does not believe any type of God.

So an easy way to remember: Theism: God made all. Pantheism: God is all. Atheism: No God at all.

And another side of religion is an agnostic, this is someone who is unsure about the question of God.

Okay sweet, now we have established that part. Now as you may have gathered, I’m a Christian(Theist) who believes God had created everything. Now to the subject.

When I was in a kitchen in my country, I had a sous Chef who asked me an interesting question. “What about other God’s, do you believe in them?” And my reaction was as expected. “No, of course not.” And his next sentence really shocked me. “Well that’s disrespectful.”

My instant reaction was questioning his claim. “How is that disrespectful?”

“Because you won’t even give them a thought.”

“But that’s not disrespectful, That’s me being sure without a doubt that my God exists, and their’s does not.”

And you know, by his standards that’s disrespectful. “That makes you intolerant and unable to talk to.”

Now back then, I had no idea what to say, what do I say to someone who says that I’m intolerable just because I think I’m sure, that makes me disrespectful.

I was reading a book by two authors, one which is one of favorites: Frank Turek. But where I got my solution to this problem was from a speaker who wrote the foreword who went by the name of David Limburgh.

“To them, Christianity’s exclusive truth claims are simply beyond the pale- so bad as to disqualify Christians from receiving tolerance from others. One secularist university administrator, for instance, disciplined a conservative professor for exposing her class to literature from a Christian viewpoint, which included an article about how teachers should approach homosexuality. The administrator exclaimed, “We cannot tolerate the intolerable.” You see, it’s fairly easy for these types to extricate themselves from their indefensible positions. They simply move the goalposts. Talk about defining truth through power!”

And he continues to say that just because we think the Christian faith is the one true religion, it in no way makes us intolerant of others or disrespectful of their right to believe and worship what they choose. And the funny thing with the world now, the world culture is now so confused about this distinct nature of Christians, that they now use our own confidence in our Faith, that they use as paint to make us intolerant to those other beliefs.

And David says one thing to sum it up:

“For the record, Christianity isn’t the only religion with exclusive truth claims. All major religions have such claims(From the above section of religions) many of the central ideas of the major religions cannot be reconciled, which gives the lie to the trendy tenet of pluralism that all religions at their core are the same.”

So the bottom line is “Are Christians intolerable?” You know what, I believe that isn’t the question to be asking. How about “Is the world tolerant to Christians?”

And Why do I ask this? Well when I thought I could explain to my sous Chef what I thought to answer to his claim, he didn’t want to hear it. Now when someone wants to talk to me about their God, I’m all ears, but when I want to tell someone else, they pull out their green kryponite to say, “Don’t want to hear it, I’m right, you’re wrong.” So let me ask you all. Theist, Pantheist, Atheist. Are you intolerable?