Paper-thin foundations, Do you have One?

“For me, having lived much of my life as an Atheist, the last thing I want is a naïve faith built on a paper-thin foundation of wishful thinking or make-believe. I need a faith that’s consistent with reason, not contradictory to it; I want beliefs that are grounded in reality, not detached from it. I need to find out once and for all whether the Christian faith can stand up to scrutiny.”- Lee Strobel

Interesting speech huh? I found it interesting too when I decided to flip the coin to the other side of this argument too. Fair enough, without evidence, faith can be pretty much see through, and I was this way for 10 years of my 17 year old life. I only had my faith in Jesus to try and debate, and it was just like my Head Chef has always said “There is always going to be someone smarter than you and make you look like and idiot.” You have no idea how much that sentence is true.

Than I found apologetics with a friend of mine. Which is where I found this quote from my mother’s favorite Apologetic author. And it got me thinking, I have a strong faith with Jesus. But do I have evidence? No I didn’t, that’s why I always screwed up when you came to telling an Atheist about God, and he would make sure I looked stupid too, don’t worry about that.

You know, I always had this idea and assumption that proving God’s existence was bad, you know, God will defend us, why should we have to defend Him, and I had this idea for my whole life(That’s why I didn’t like God’s Not Dead that much).

And now that I see the reason for defending the hope that in in you-1 Peter 3:15.

But I then came across this quote, and that’s what made me really think, without evidence it’s paper-thin. But how about this for a quote, without faith it’s paper-thin?

Now think about this, we must have evidence to prove the faith we have. But if you don’t have faith in the evidence, do you actually believe it’s real? You could have an argument with someone and prove it to them that He exists, but what if they ask you if you really believe in that.

“Well, there’s evidence.”

But do you actually want to believe it? I wasn’t saved 10 years ago by evidence, I was saved by Jesus’ love.  Which gave me faith. Then I got the knowledge with apologetics, I had to believe it was real before I had to defend it.

My friend stated something that made me see the reasoning with Apologetics. “It’s planting a seed, it’s a starting point so later they question and than say, hey maybe he’s right. what if God is real, there is literal evidence.”

So it’s those people than accepting Christ through faith as well. Faith and evidence are only paper-thin when you have only one. we all must remember one thing, everything that has to do with Christianity has one word that circles the whole thing: Belief. And let me tell you, that’s the foundation of Christianity, belief in Jesus Christ and than having faith in Jesus Christ, and than defending Jesus Christ.

So, the bottom line: What’s your foundation. Rock? Or Paper-thin?


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