Atheists and Wile E. Coyote

Good evening everyone,

My last post was very much on the fact of absolute truth, and how we only want it for certain things in life.

Last time our fellow apologists Norman and Frank decided to join us for that featured post. And I thought we could bring them back to a post that I think will turn some heads.

The Road Runner Tactic

“If someone said to you, “I have one insight for you that absolutely revolutionize your ability to quickly and clearly identify the false statements and false philosophies that permeate our culture,” would you be interested? That’s what we’re about to do here. In fact, if we had to pick just one thinking ability as the most valuable we’ve learned in our many years of seminary and postgraduate  education, it would be this: how to identify and refute self-defeating statements. An incident from a recent talk-radio program will demonstrate what we mean by self-defeating statements.”

So on the last post I wrote, I was saying how Atheists can’t handle hearing the truth because it doesn’t enlighten them, well this post is based on the fact of how Atheists say that we can’t get our facts straight, but when looking deeper into the argument you realize it is the Atheist who can’t get their facts straight. Let’s continue into this story from Norm and Frank.

“The program’s liberal host, Jerry was taking calls on the subject of morality. After hearing numerous callers boldly claim that a certain moral position was true, one caller blurted out, “Jerry! Jerry! There’s no such thing as truth!” I(frank) scrambled for the phone and began to dial furiously. Busy. Busy. Busy. I wanted to get on and say, “Jerry! To the guy who said, ‘there is no such thing as truth’-is that true?” I never did get through. And Jerry, of course, agreed with the caller never realizing that his claim could not possibly be true- because it would be self-defeating.”

So with what I said earlier, this caller has obviously not gotten his facts straight, he could have thought before he spoke those words, but instead like Wile E. Coyote, he is left standing over an empty gap that he is about to fall into once he has realized his mistake.

“A self-defeating statement is one that fails to meet its own standard. As we’re sure you realize, the caller’s statement “there is no truth” claims to be true and thus defeats itself. It’s like saying, “I can’t speak a word of English.” If someone ever said that, you obviously would respond, “Wait a minute! Your statement must be false because you just uttered it in English!”

“Self-defeating statements are made routinely in our postmodern culture, and once you sharpen your ability to detect them, you’ll become an absolutely fearless defender of truth. No doubt you’ve heard people say things like, “all truth is relative!”

So this is another thing that bums me out. I always get people talking about relativeness, and they say logic and reason prove their claims, but that would just be self-defeating by itself without me even having to say anything. They state that truth is relative, so that would also make their reason for their claim which is logic and reasoning is all based on personal opinion to believe it’s true, not hard facts or evidence.

“All Truth is relative” and “There are no absolutes.” Now you’ll be armed to refute such silly statements by simply revealing that they don’t meet their own criteria. In other words, by turning a self-defeating statement on itself, you can expose it for the nonsense it is.”

“We call this process of turning a self-defeating statement on itself the “Road Runner” tactic because it reminds us of the cartoon characters Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. As you may remember from Saturday morning cartoons, the Coyote’s one and only quest is to chase down the speedy Road Runner and make him his evening meal. But the Road Runner is simply too fast and too smart. Just when the Coyote is gaining ground, the Road Runner stops short at the cliff’s edge leaving the passing Coyote momentarily suspended in midair, supported by nothing. As soon as the Coyote realizes he has no ground to stand on, he plummets to the valley floor and crashes in a heap.”

“Well, that’s exactly what the Road Runner tactic can do to the relativists and postmodernists of our day. It helps them realize that their arguments cannot sustain their own weight. Consequently they crash to the ground in a heap. This makes you look like a super genius!” -Frank Turek, Norman L. Geisler.

So with this post, I hope Christians and atheists have realized something. If you haven’t gotten your facts right, you will self-defeat yourself and look just like Wile E. Coyote when you hold up the sign for some help, and the newsflash is, you’re not going to  get it, especially if you’re hanging over an edge with no way to get back.

Thank you everyone for your time and I hope to see you next time for some more head-turning facts.

Mitchell Ryan…Out. Blessings.



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