How I’d respond to the claim: “There’s zero evidence for the supernatural.”


Are Christians Intolerant, or just 100% Sure?

The world has got to the point of in my case ridiculousness. Theism, Pantheism, and Atheism. These are the three main sides of religion.

Theism: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A Theist is someone that has a personal God, and believes it has created the universe but isn’t part of the universe.

Pantheism: Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, and New Age. A Pantheist is someone who believes God is impersonal and literally the universe, God is in everything, around everything and literally everything.

Atheism: Religious, Humanism. And a Atheist, is obviously someone who does not believe any type of God.

So an easy way to remember: Theism: God made all. Pantheism: God is all. Atheism: No God at all.

And another side of religion is an agnostic, this is someone who is unsure about the question of God.

Okay sweet, now we have established that part. Now as you may have gathered, I’m a Christian(Theist) who believes God had created everything. Now to the subject.

When I was in a kitchen in my country, I had a sous Chef who asked me an interesting question. “What about other God’s, do you believe in them?” And my reaction was as expected. “No, of course not.” And his next sentence really shocked me. “Well that’s disrespectful.”

My instant reaction was questioning his claim. “How is that disrespectful?”

“Because you won’t even give them a thought.”

“But that’s not disrespectful, That’s me being sure without a doubt that my God exists, and their’s does not.”

And you know, by his standards that’s disrespectful. “That makes you intolerant and unable to talk to.”

Now back then, I had no idea what to say, what do I say to someone who says that I’m intolerable just because I think I’m sure, that makes me disrespectful.

I was reading a book by two authors, one which is one of favorites: Frank Turek. But where I got my solution to this problem was from a speaker who wrote the foreword who went by the name of David Limburgh.

“To them, Christianity’s exclusive truth claims are simply beyond the pale- so bad as to disqualify Christians from receiving tolerance from others. One secularist university administrator, for instance, disciplined a conservative professor for exposing her class to literature from a Christian viewpoint, which included an article about how teachers should approach homosexuality. The administrator exclaimed, “We cannot tolerate the intolerable.” You see, it’s fairly easy for these types to extricate themselves from their indefensible positions. They simply move the goalposts. Talk about defining truth through power!”

And he continues to say that just because we think the Christian faith is the one true religion, it in no way makes us intolerant of others or disrespectful of their right to believe and worship what they choose. And the funny thing with the world now, the world culture is now so confused about this distinct nature of Christians, that they now use our own confidence in our Faith, that they use as paint to make us intolerant to those other beliefs.

And David says one thing to sum it up:

“For the record, Christianity isn’t the only religion with exclusive truth claims. All major religions have such claims(From the above section of religions) many of the central ideas of the major religions cannot be reconciled, which gives the lie to the trendy tenet of pluralism that all religions at their core are the same.”

So the bottom line is “Are Christians intolerable?” You know what, I believe that isn’t the question to be asking. How about “Is the world tolerant to Christians?”

And Why do I ask this? Well when I thought I could explain to my sous Chef what I thought to answer to his claim, he didn’t want to hear it. Now when someone wants to talk to me about their God, I’m all ears, but when I want to tell someone else, they pull out their green kryponite to say, “Don’t want to hear it, I’m right, you’re wrong.” So let me ask you all. Theist, Pantheist, Atheist. Are you intolerable?



Walking The Line/Fearing God

Walking the Line.

There are different sorts of lines in life. We Christians have the narrow road, or way. But I’m going to go with Line on this post.

I haven’t posted in ages, and on my last few posts, I talked about how we can be perfect. And how the Bible is our rule-book.

Now let me get to a level with everyone here(You have no idea how many people I have convicted with the perfection post, Crazy), we can be perfect 1000%, but remember only with Christ in control can we do that, so many people think we can do it on our own……No.

And also remember that when you become perfect through Christ, that you can’t go around pointing your finger at people and holding your head high just because you now know that you’re perfect. Because that would be the reason no one wants to be a Christian hey?

And then I guess that’s where my second post comes in which is about where people don’t think the Bible is a essential to life as a Christian anymore. That’s when the other person thinks there is no reason to become a Christian because its not really any different.

And that’s where this post comes in. You might have perfected those two section of the puzzle, but what the third one, where you have to endure with Christ into finishing the race.

Everyone stuffs up every now and again, which is fine. But it’s the desire that trips you along the line, which in the end fails the test.

Can you pass the test with flying colors?

But do you know what the problem with Christians is?(that’s right, I’m also including myself) We just don’t care anymore!

We have officially become halfhearted towards the World, we stay in our houses, just hoping that the end will come closer to you. Is that what we really want?

I have plenty of people who tell me I’m wrong or that I don’t know what I’m talking about, which never bothered me, they were of the world. And they weren’t going to stop me from telling the world about God. But what does bother me is the fact that Christians tell me to stay quiet about everything. People of the world don’t understand our love of telling people about Christ, but actually Christians.

Why is that I find that Christians get more offended by what other Christians say than people who are most likely to blame Christ for their problems?

Now I don’t want to be too judgmental even though it is Christians I should be judging. But it seems everyone just wants to make sure their world is fine, that they are Walking Their Line. And the thing I notice is that the more we get comfortable with our own lines, we forget about God’s line and stop Fearing God.

Let me explain something, Jesus came as the Love for the World, God is the God that expressed his hate for the World. There is a balance. When we tell someone about Jesus, we make sure that we express his Love through us, but we don’t want to water down Christ into thinking He is just a shoulder to cry on, He is also a cane that punishes those who do wrong, there’s a balance.

And Christians have forgotten that, they have forgotten to fear God, and when we forget God’s wrath and the fear and respect we give him(for if we fear God, we are giving respect), We are no longer respectful.

You know what, let’s tone this down a little bit.

This World we live in, it’s going to end soon, there is no surprise there. And the thing is, we want to be sure that without a doubt that when we go into the presence of God’s judgment for us. That we can be at peace knowing that even though the things we have done wrong, Jesus shines His love through us and God sees that. God sees His Son.

But the only way that can happen is that we Walk The Line, Jesus must see our hearts and see himself, he must see that you want to know him.

At that point, God would know that we feared Him and Loved Him with everything we are. He has seen that we have been….. Walking The Line.

Stop Walking Your Own Lines, let’s get off our high horses and start Walking the right Line.





Isn’t the Bible enough?

Move with the times,

That was then,

Not now,

Life is different now,

Buddy, get your head out of the past.

. . . . . . . 

And the list goes on, and on. We have to move with the times right, yeah, I understand that perfectly. But what I am pointing this towards is good old Christianity. We all know that “Religion” don’t we? Also talking to you Atheists.

You know, I have finally come to realize why Atheists don’t want to be Christians, and I have to agree. We Christians don’t look that different to them(Including myself too), we for some reason want to compromise the Bible, because we all know that was then and this is now.

But do you know what really gets me, do you want to know? WE all Compromise. It’s like a stairwell that never ends, you know it either ends to Hell or the world(no real difference anyway, but you know), and you think just to get what you want, you might take one step this time, just this once, then you might come back and think well it’s only one more time, it won’t hurt that much will it?

And after a few years gone by, you take a look over your shoulder and see how far you have actually stepped, and you realize you can’t even see where you started.

 Atheists will be just the same way, they will become Christians, and follow the Compromising path, and when they realize how far they have come, they are exactly back where they started, a person of the world…. An atheist.

. . . . . . .

What is this world coming to huh? It also gets me thinking that the Bible just isn’t enough anymore. We(Christian’s) all compromise the Bible so people of the world will come to Jesus. For example, we could tell someone that it’s okay to defend yourself, because as we all know, what Jesus said about turning the other cheek, that was then. Move with the times.

It just makes me feel sick and laugh at the same time, we just can’t follow the Bible anymore. It’s an instruction manual that we all had torn up and made our own, and I now know why…. We want to control our own lives, by every little bit, Jesus becomes less and less important to us.

 . . . . . . .

It’s time to wake up, we are all starting to be the wolves in the sheep’s clothing to the Atheists, so they do what we want, not what God wants.

Take off the clothing, Wolves(Christian’s) and run back to your Shepherd.  Run back to the Bible, where the answers are the right ones, and the stairs to heaven are going to be the ones you want to get lost in, God’s Love.

The Perfect Christian?

Yes, I am Christian.

No, I am not perfect.

Are you Perfect?


Oh well, let me introduce you to a friend of mine.


Now, the answer to this statement, would probably be, but that was Jesus.

Hmm, true. Very true.

And we are born sinners, true again, you’re good at this.

And we will always be sinners for we come from the line of Adam and Eve, and now the rest of humanity are sinners. Are you a professor or something?

Now we could go on with this all day if we wanted, but then we wouldn’t be getting to the point then would we?

. . . . . . .

Jesus… was Perfect. He died for the sinners. He was forsaken by God, for the sin of the world corroded him. We are the dirt of the ground that Jesus could kick with His foot if He really wanted. But He didn’t, and now we are saved by grace, something that only Jesus could give, no Christian would ever do what Jesus did, without Jesus inside their hearts. So now you’re probably wondering what this was got to do with a Christian being perfect huh?

We are saved by grace, so now Jesus has officially given us mercy so that we can live with a second chance to do better, with Jesus directing our path, and shining a light that is… Perfect. We must strife to be like Jesus, now I’m not saying to go out and tell everyone about Jesus with a force, let Jesus bring them to you. Now when we strife to be like Jesus, Jesus will help us get better, and in the end with Jesus in full control of our lives and Hearts. We are perfect, we shine a light of perfection, a light of Jesus.

1 John 2:5-6: but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him: the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.

Grace and Mercy, they are the two things that made Jesus perfect(well, and also being the Son of God, that might be a little advantage huh?). He loved the unlovable, He cared for the people who were never cared for, He showed love to the people when no other people did, He made people break down into tears, He showed the people of the world…………. Perfection. And you know what, I think with Jesus inside our hearts, we can be too.